Kasa Plug Problems

Is anyone else experiencing an issue where the sense drops Kasa plugs and no matter how many times you enable the tp-link in the Sense app nothing works? The plugs have worked for some time now and now only one shows up. I’m hoping installing a new sense will fix the issue but wanted to check in with the group.

I have had the same issue for the past couple of weeks. Sense was seeing all of my Kasa plugs, now it’s only seeing 4 out of 12. All of the plugs are visible in the Kasa app. I’ve tried rebooting the Sense unit but it didn’t help. I have not tried disabling TP-Link integration and re-installing because I lost all of my history the last time I did that.

As an update, I had a new sense installed in connection with my panel being upgraded yesterday. The new sense found all of my Kasa plugs. I wonder if a data reset might be required if your plugs don’t show up? I had over a year and a half of sense data (not super important to me because of the smart plugs) but a fresh start was what seemed to work for now

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Glad to hear it started working for you. Before I do a data reset and losing everything I will try disabling and re-enabling the TP-Link integration. That way all I will lose is the smart plug data and have to start from scratch with just those.

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Before I Ultimately did a new sense I disabled and reenabled and I lost all plugs except 1 so be careful.