Don't display bubble if less than option

I would love to have a way to “ignore” or not display the solar bubble if it’s less than 5 watts. Screenshot_20200113-181305|250x500 as you can see from the attached screenshot, it’s distracting.


I’d love to hear others’ opinions on this. Would you use it for specific devices as well or just the solar bubble? What, in particular, is distracting about it? For consumption, I personally prefer to see everything, however small the load. “Missing” values seems like it’d net confusion, given that the bubbles will no longer add up.

It’s distracting because I know the sun is down. Hehe… I get that the algorithm can’t get the bubbles sized exactly in relation to how much energy they represent. I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with a negative watt bubble.

I did consider the possibility of ignoring other things. I can see the use cases for that. Maybe someone has a large number of Philips Hue lights they just don’t care about.

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An option to show watts on iOS apps. Android too if it’s missing.

It’s on the browser interface all the time. An option to show or hide it to be consistent with apps.

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I’d like this feature as well. Some of my smartplug-connected devices are not properly classified as “idle”, so occasionally I’ll have bubbles appearing, for example, due to a 2W standby load from my washer. I think the root cause requiring a fix there is actually the smartplug “idle” algorithm, but this feature would be a helpful band-aid.

Science lab and living room are Philips Hue bulbs, probably 2 watts. It’s now several hours past sundown, so the option to hide solar if less than, would be nice.

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I do think it would have to be per device… My solar intermittently blips to 1 or 2w after dark… This causes it to constantly scatter the other bubbles as they reshuffle each time like rain drops… I’d probably set my solar to ignore <5w… but I definitely want to see my 4w hue bulbs

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Yeah, I agree. Ability to hide solar only is what I was suggesting. I was reading some other threads and some folks may have a legit need to monitor it 24/7, but it should be optional.

There’s another thread for this, but I also had the idea to pin the solar bubble to the solar watt corner, and let it grow from there behind other bubbles… In that case I wouldn’t care to hide it.

Edit for better picture example

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“Terrible drawing” but inspiration for “Solar System Mode”!

Oh my, I can see all the bubbles wizzing around Sol now!

Maybe not such a rubbish idea. Great for kids and the inner kids.

And consider Saturn … and it’s moon bubbles. What does it all mean?

Terrible drawing replaced with better edit… But here’s the planets one for you.