Is values for daily Solar usage affected by Sub panel consumers at night


I am now watching my solar consumption and realized that my daily generation does not reflect the night time energy consumption (such as car charger).

Could you confirm the number in Solar generation actually does take into account the negative numbers during the night time hours when Solar is not producing.

I hope this is clear. If not please ask and Ill work on the details about it.



I can confirm that it does. I had a day with literally 0 solar generation this winter (Panels covered in snow + cloudy day), and my generation went negative.
My system only draws about 4 watts when not producing power, so it was only negative about $0.01, but it did go negative.


Good morning 8)

Glad to hear from you about your snow fall. Here in the Mojave Desert
we haven’t seen snow since 2012 and we have had less than 1/2 "
of rain this year so far. Kind of normal and why Solar is so productive
in my home.
After all Inyokern is known as ‘The Sunshine Capital of America’



Hey Carol. Let me just verify what you’re asking. The solar bubble can show negative numbers, but are you asking if those negative numbers actually get calculated into your overall solar production for the day/week/month? If so, no it does not. It gets calculated into your overall usage for sure as it’s still usage. If we calculated it into the solar figure, it’d essentially double up the usage figure for that individual device. I hope that makes sense. The usage is still getting figured in, just not under Solar.


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At this the Solar bubble does not show negative numbers.
Previously requested this feature.

I am also wondering if with my Solar on a sub panel that is
not directly metered whether the Negative numbers from this
panel is reported on the daily, weekly, monthly numbers or
if it is discarded as being negative from the solar report.

Previous post by another user indicates why its important
to know this number as it indicates how much power is
consumed by the inverter when the sun is down.



I misspoke. My apologies. So the solar bubble disappears with negative numbers, but you should still see a negative production number in your live solar wattage right beneath the bubbles. In addition, if you navigate to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor, you should also see negative solar wattage under Signals.

That usage should still be getting calculated into your overall usage, but let me verify with the software team about this and get back to you.


Hi again, Carol.

Are you ever seeing negative numbers in your live solar wattage readings, as I noted above? (So, the bubble is designed to disappear, but you should still see negative live readings right below it).

As for that usage being tracked, it should be getting tracked into your overall usage but there’s apparently an ongoing bug where it is not being calculated in correctly. The good news is we know about the bug now and are working on resolving it. My apologies for the trouble here, but thanks for the feedback! Hopefully I’ll have good news soon.


Good morning Ryan :sunny:

I do see an instantaneous negative number when consumption is greater
than production, such as when the panels are not producting or when the Car charger or the deep well pump (both consume 4kw when running) is consuming more than the panels are generating. Panels usually generate greater than 4kw after 10 AM and before 4 PM.

But there is no cumulative hourly or daily indication for negative numbers.

Carol :slight_smile:


Ok, I understand now. This is something we need to better support for sure. Hopefully we can get this bug fixed soon and get onto trying to implement these features in the Sense app.