Negative Solar Bubble when the sun is down



Background a bit. My Solar is on a separate Sub-panel. It also includes my Car charger, Deep well pump and several other drains on the sub-panel.

I see when the solar is generating there is a positive reading for solar generation. But when the drains are on this number gets smaller, sometimes even negative. When it’s negative the Solar bubble disappears. But the reading on the panel is still displayed (negative when no bubble on screen). At this time I am debating whether to install a second monitor in the sub-panel. Downside seems to be stronger than upside. I get a constant negative number when the sun is down at night so this might help me with things like seeing when the Garage door and the pressure pump.

It would be nice if when the negative value is displayed there would be a nice bubble (since you already know the negative value) showing this value so when I scan the performance meter I get an indication that there is some sort of activity.


Are your solar CT’s attached to the wires going from your main panel to the sub-panel? If so your “solar” readings will always be reduced during daylight by the loads on this panel and will go negative at night and any other time that the loads on this panel exceed the solar production.


My solar subpanel is connected to the clamps going to the Solar connection on the
Sense box.

I understand that when the sun is up the number is positive. If I am not generating
enough energy for the number to go positive the solar bubble dissapears.

It would be really nice if the Solar bubble just changed. to something like a dark gray bubble
and continued to give me the negative value in the bubble. The place for this is fairly obvious
as it is where you generate the bubble when postitive and dismisses the bubble when it goes negative.

Thank you for your support on this.



the number on the reading goes negative when the sun goes down and
the solar panels quite generating. That’s because there is a small amount of
always on (Inverter backup and Car charger backup). The problem is
when the number goes negative the Solar bubble disappears making it
hard to monitor when the Garage door opens and closes as well as when
the Deep well pump run and the car charger starts and stops. These are things
that Sense claims they will not support information processing.



Thanks for the detail, Carol. This is exactly why we suggest not to have other circuits installed in the solar subpanel here: I will certainly pass your feedback on however as I can definitely see why your suggestion would be useful.


So I guess a history lesson might be in order.

The garadge was built in 1980 with its own subpanel from the main (150’ away).
It had things like plugs for shop tools and lights and the Deep Well pump
along with the Pressure pump for water to the rest of the property.
In 2007 we started using the garage to park cars in.
In 2013 we installed the Solar panels near the Garage, obvious place
since we installed them on the South side of the property.
They ran through the garage Sub-panel. No one suggested any alternative.
In 2015 we purchased a Volt Plug In Hybrid and installed a charger
(connected to this same sub-panel)
I heard there was this thing called the Sense energy monitor which
could allow us to monitor our Solar array since our current installation
did not allow for this service.

Discovered I had two choices. Install in main panel (which we chose)
or install in the sub-panel and not be able to see how the other heavy
energy hogs were doing.

Since the installation was done at the main panel things are working fairly well,
except we can not get much of a report, status or bubble after sundown.

I tend to monitor things actively so whats on or off has to be kind of visual.
Bubbles or energy meter are both appropriate when displayed.

So as I stated above, I have chosen to put the system in the main panel.
Which would you choose?



That makes more sense. It’s definitely not an ideal setup for the Solar portion of the monitor, but I’ll pass on your feedback. I can imagine use cases other than yours where displaying negative production would matter.