Adjustable Threshold or Filter for solar?

A mechanism to set a “Noise” filter for the solar bubble. It’s annoying to see 4 W of solar constantly displayed between sundown & sunrise. It’s obviously “Noise” and there should be a way to set a threshold for this so that it’s not displayed.

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Is it 4W or -4W for you. It’s -3 to -4W for me, but possibly because that’s what my inverter consumes in night mode. I’m pretty sure mine is not noise - too consistent.

I’m seeing a +4W for solar in the “Bubble Chart” at night

FWIW I also see a consistent +4W solar output when my inverter is in night mode. I had assumed, like Kevin said, that this was what the inverter was drawing and that Sense didn’t sense (pun intended) the polarity switching.

Adding myself tot he list of people with positive nightly numbers - I I have a +7w at night as well. When talking to Sense, they said they made a few adjustments, but were not able to make it go away.
They never actually explained how a positive reading at night was happening. While there is part of me that thinks it is noise, the odd part is that it is really consistently 6w or 7w.
The Solar is a service side tap, and the solar lines do run parallel to the main feed of the house for about 2 feet, but the night time 6/7w doesn’t vary with home power usage, regardless of if the home is pulling 200w, or 12,000w. I have never actually turned off the Solar disconnect and seen if the 6w goes away. Maybe another night when I feel like going to the basement.

I’m not convinced that it is a polarity mis calculation only because an Enphase Envoy is really only supposed to use 2.5w at standby, and my understanding is that the MicroInverters do not draw anything at night as they are actually powered by the panels directly.

I’ll be asking some folks internally about this today and see if I can add anything to Support’s original response regarding positive solar wattage at night of between ~ 4W and 12W.

@ben I spoke to a few folks here and this issue is best characterized as non-harmful noise generated by certain types of inverters. We’re aware of the issue and don’t have an ETA on a fix yet, but I’ll let you know as that changes.


Thanks Justin! Good to know.

Any updates to this? What about as standby solar threshold for “on/producing” like is now available for each individual device?