Solar Bubble behind other bubbles when double the always on size

When the sun is up and my usage is low the solar bubble dominates the now view…

It would be nice if it got it’s own layer behind the other bubbles when it’s contributing significantly so that my consumption bubbles visually rests inside my generation bubble and the view can stay scaled to usage devices.

Edit, suggest pinning it to the always on bubble and triggering on double it’s size so it eats that first and is always visible in the gaps between always and other


I like this idea, though if such a change were made I’d like a toggle switch to be able to control whether the old or new functionality is used.

Alternate… still have solar layer behind other bubbles… But pin it and have it grow from the solar wattage corner of display… display stays scaled and centered on usage bubbles.

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My current view… please help. :slight_smile:

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Another possibility is tapping the solar wattage could take you, as now, to the solar details but tapping the solar icon to the left of the wattage could toggle the Solar Bubble on/off.

For parity, I don’t see my “Usage” as a big green bubble so this method (tap on green usage icon) might establish that as a possibility as well … even manifest as a big green pie?

Until we get layering I’ve had to just turn off solar bubble… This makes me sad but at least I can see the actual usage bubbles. Still want this