Bubbles don't add up


I’m still trying to figure out what “Device 3” is. If it’s really 600w maybe an electric heater in the bathroom.

But, these bubbles don’t add up. Solar City monitor is also showing about 645 watts.


Replying to myself… Looking at the Usage, that has to be the Tesla M3 in the garage. I’m not sure why it still thinks is sucking 600 watts. I suppose the Sense might have missed the charging stopping. The car is still plugged in, so maybe that’s confusing it.

(estimated monthly/yearly usage isn’t there yet either)


Sorry, one more reply to myself. I poked around in the Tesla App, then the “Device 3” bubble went away (not sure if it’s related). The car is still plugged in. I’ll keep and eye on it.


The Devices screen is still off. My total usage is currently about 700 watts. Maybe it’s a UI thing. But the numbers don’t add up.

(edit: Yep: the Android app is not showing the Tesla as ON)


Sometimes your Always On can grow too big for a chunk of time since it is based on a near minimum for the past 48 hours of Total Usage data. If Always On is larger than it should be, for a couple of logical reasons:

  • you won’t see an Other bubble (because Other is actually negative)
  • the numbers between the bubbles and Total Usage won’t agree.

As @kevin1 noted, this can happen depending on recent changes to Always On. Always On is based on a 48h average and isn’t necessarily “correct” moment by moment, as it’s not generated moment by moment. There’s a bit more to the calculation, but think of it roughly as an average of what’s always running over a 48h period.

Your overall usage number (the 644W) is just the raw wattage calculation of what Sense is detecting on your mains at any given moment. If your Always On stays the same day to day, it would accurately reflect your Always On figure. If your Always On figure has recently changed significantly, it will not.

Hope that makes sense!


It does help, thanks.

What I’m still stuck on is that the devices list is different between the Android and Web apps. The web app is still showing the Tesla at 600 watts while the Android version is showing it off. On the Web version, the Tesla is no longer visible in the bubbles, but is still active in the Device List).




Ok, I just connected from the “edge” browser (I’m usually in Chrome). And the Tesla is NOT showing as active there. So this seems to be browser related.

I have refreshed the page, but maybe I need to do some cache clearing or something (or just kill all the browser windows -> I’ll play around with it some more.


Now that’s weird, if both snapshots were taken at the same moment in time (or close enough). Probably worth a message to support via Help under Settings in the app.

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Yea. Killing and reopening chrome didn’t fix it…

But, wiping the Chrome cookies, cache & data history DID clear it up.

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For what it’s worth, this same thing just started happening to me today. It is happening in Chrome and Edge. I cleared cookies and such in Chrome and it cleared up, only to be back a short time later.


This is a new one… @eallison and @David_L312, could you guys please submit tickets to Support about this? I’ll make sure they get to our web team. You can reach Support at https://www.sense.com/contact


Done. I should have done that without your nudge :slight_smile:


I’ve been having these same discrepancies between the iPhone app, web app and android for weeks.
If I restart all of them things match for a day or so but then get out of whack again. I submitted a ticket to support, I hope you’ll do the same. Support and I have thought it was something on my end but that doesn’t appear to be the case.


I’ve been watching for the problem to happen again. While I’ve seen some weirdness with the bubbles it was quite the same at this.


Is anyone else besides me still having problems with this? I thought I had read recently that there had been a fix. I just not cleared my cookies and such in Chrome. I’m still seeing the same problem.


I had the problem until was advised by I believe @pswired to try Opera browser. Sense seems to work best with this browser.


Can you give some specifics? What bubbles aren’t adding up? As noted earlier in the thread, it’s possible for Always On to not add up correctly to your “Now” usage.


I don’t think the opera recommendation was me.


Sorry to you both, my memory doesn’t seem to be as good as I believe it is. I get all of you that have been such a tremendous help mixed up.