Stuck Bubble of Tesla Charging

One of my Tesla’s (2018 Model 3 Dual Motor LR) was picked up by Sense when I plugged it in this morning. The charge completed about an hour and 15 minutes ago and yet the bubble still persists as if the charge is still happening and it lists the same 11,679 Watts being consumed in the bubble despite my total electrical consumption currently hovers around 1,080 Watts. The timeline does correctly show the charging shut off at 10:18am

Are you seeing this on mobile as well? Or just web? If it’s just web, does it persist after you log out and back in?

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Both Mobile (iOS) and Web show the same thing. The car just started a top-off charge so I will check the behavior as soon as it completes in the next 10 minutes and report back.

Ok, logging out and back in on the Web Interface seems to have cleared the bubble in both the Web and Mobile apps. I did not log out of the mobile app.

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