Not adding up


Going under the trends tab and looking at usage and comparing numbers it looks like it’s just not adding up. Either the usage number is incorrect or the device numbers are incorrect. Maybe it’s wrong or maybe I’m not understanding where these numbers come from and how they’re added.


Looks like they add up to me… Take Always On, for instance. There you have 7 1/2 days of usage shown in green with the max green at 3.8kWh. So I would estimate the green showing at 7 1/2 x 3kWh (average) to give 22.5kWh which is close to the 24kWh shown for your to-date billing period.

Similarly for Total Usage - 7 days x an average of around 30kWh = 210kWh. Not far from the real number of 215kWh.


Usage is 215kWh ~ $24 which if I am correct is the total for everything unless i am misunderstanding this. If that is correct then something doesn’t add up. I took the top three usages and added them up and they add up to more than the top Usage. EV+Other+Always On= 276.5kWh and $31 which adds up to more than Usage. This is where i am confused.

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OK - now I see what you mean. In my mind the EV looks suspicious because the bars overshoot the Total Usage envelope. Maybe the first few detections are overestimating the EV usage…I would give it a little more time. FYI - My EV charging for 2 cars is typically around 30-40% of my total usage. 82% seems high.

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Okay I just wanted to make sure I was understanding the usage tab correctly and I’ll just have to give it more time to properly detect my EV before it starts calculating it correctly. I got home early today and plugged the car in and it isn’t being detected by sense so i unplugged and plugged it back in a few times with no luck but its not a big deal because I’m sure it is still building the data for my cars power signature so its not going to be 100% perfect yet. Thanks again for jumping in so quick and confirming my questions.


I wonder if the draw fluctuates based on how much charge the EV has left?
I’m not familiar at all with EV’s but a regular car battery on an automatic charger will change the amperage supplied to charge the batter based on how “dead” it is.