Numbers are no longer matching up between Power Meter and Bubbles

So I’m running into the issue where the numbers are no longer matching up between what the Power Meter says is going on vs, the values I see in my “Bubbles”

For example this is what my PowerMeter has been showing:

As you can see when hovering over the timeline the power meter shows me about 236 W is being used, but the value in the top right (not sure what to call it) shows 604 W !?

Also when I go look at my “Now” screen it shows me 604 W there too and all my bubbles add up to the amount now too (yay?)

But still, the “PowerMeter” screen continues to show a lot lower usage!? And I’m actually thinking that the PowerMeter value is the correct value as well as I should not be using 604 W at this time so I’m thinking a lot of power is getting double counted somewhere in the bubbles. Basically my 3 Smart Plugs (Office Equipment, Entertainment Center and Smart Home Equipment) should count for almost all my “Always On” power as the only other things that are currently “always on” are things like my microwave clock, 1 clock radio and my Xbox One (in standby/off mode) and that’s about it. Everything else (besides the equipment on the 100S plugs) is not “on” as there are smart plugs on everything else and they are turned off.

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Is this only happening in Web App?

Yes this is only happening on the WebApp. The phone app is fine.

I am experiencing the same issue ever since I added three smart plugs. I was able to find most of my always on usage with adding those three plugs but my always on bubble is showing the same as it always has. So now I am double counting the always on amount. I hope they get this fixed soon. One solution would be to have 2 always on bubbles. One for discovered always on and for undetected always on. Or simply just subtracting the plugs always on amount from the always on bubble but then that would be a bit misleading. Could label the always on bubble as undetected always on.

This sounds different than what @frankwin.hooglander is experiencing, which is Web app-specifc and not relegated just to smart plugs. A bug report has been submitted for this issue. I think your issue is more similar to what’s being talked about here: With Smart Plugs, what becomes of Always On

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