Not loving the new solar layout…

Not liking the new solar layout. Why not show the power distribution on the solar screen and have the toggle on the bubble screen? Makes no sense to just remove it and replace it with a symbol of the sun. The other thing that is missed is the 24hr view of the energy graph. That was a nice feature before I had solar. Then it was removed but kept in the solar tab at least. Now it’s gone completely? I just don’t understand why? Love sense but why degrade the user experience in the UI?

I don’t quite understand your issues. I don’t think display has been removed though some views now require a push down through the main Dashboard, or through the top level Solar display. A couple questions:

  • Are you looking at the phone/tablet app or the web app ? Do you have v42 ?
  • Can you include screenshot of what is troubling you about the Solar Display ?
  • Please describe the 24 hour display ? These two still exist - you just need to navigate to them.

I’m on the iOS in the screenshot you show up top where the sun is used to be the power distribution showing solar going to the house or the grid. Now it’s in a toggle on the main bubble screen. Why not have both? And previously at the bottom of the solar page it would show a whole day of the energy graph at a glance. It was nice to just glance at it and be able to see any abnormal power spikes or dips for both solar and consumption over the whole day. Of course you can still go to the power graph and zoom out but seeing it at a glance was 100% more convenient and then if you notice something you could go to the interactive graph and zoom in. Overall it seems like a downgrade compared to what it used to be I just don’t understand why change it and make it less info on the page? Yes all the info is still available but it now takes multiple taps and swipes to find it.

Hmmm, mine comes up when I start the app:

And when I drill down, I get this:

Not that hard, but as you suggest, different.