You broke the IOS app with the update


Since the update I now have no solar showing on the line graphs for today or any history. It is all there for the bar graphs.


I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but that happened a few times with my 1st set up, and once early on with my 2nd. I reset and recalibrated, but it would only help briefly. I think the real solution may have come when Alex went into my device and made a correction or two.

Is it only appearing in ios or Android as well? You have an extra android something or other if I remember correctly, yeah?


I fired up the Android and checked and the solar is working perfectly there. After going into it there it broke notifications on the IOS platform. Had to do a bunch of gyrations to make notifications work again in IOS.


I am seeing solar on the graph this morning, but just for today. All historical solar is missing.


Hi, thanks for reporting this. We can confirm that this is a known bug and it has been fixed. A build with this fix is ready but pending App Store approval. Sorry for this inconvenience and let us know if you are still seeing problems after it has been approved (could take 1-2 days)!

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