Allow users to toggle on/off solar info

It would be great if the app could be made to allow the user to toggle on and off the solar information. During peak periods the solar output can totally dwarf the consumption part of graphs making it very hard to see usage. Similarly if you go to the bar graphs and want to look at usage by individual items they are so tiny with production numbers forcing the scale up. If the production could be temporarily turned off by the user it would make the graphs much more useable.


Howard, you know you can pinch the screen to raise and lower the y axis scale, and widen and shorten the x axis scale, right? The request to toggle solar (or usage!) would be above and beyond that?

Yes, but… You can do that on the line graphs but it is still lacking. You can’t do that on the bar graphs as it auto scales them and there is no way to zoom on those. Thus if you want to see the hour by hour usage of a certain small device all you see is a thin line at the bottom because of the large bars from solar.

Ahh - I see what you mean. I went back in just now and found both more and less functionality than when I first looked at it last month. I didn’t have devices then, so that explains why I couldn’t click on them and see them in the graphs, but I almost swear there was an ability to both click on bars and have it give values and pinch the bars to scale, but now I can’t. Hmm.

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While the updated IOS app now allows you to toggle on and off the large solar bubble, that really does not provide much value. What I had asked for, and hope you can incorporate soon is the ability to toggle the solar in the bar and line graphs. Particularly on the bar graphs if you have solar it so out strips the individual usage items that you cannot see them on the graph. If you can’t do that perhaps you could make it so you could manually scale the bar graphs so that you could zoom in on the zero to 1,000 wattHr region that just looks like a thin line rather than a bar when your solar output make the graph scale 50 kwh. Thanks.

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