State of Device Notification and Timeline in Device Display



I have had my sense running for about a month now. It has detected about 17 devices so far. I expect that at some point I will have close to 100 or so. I have been playing with turning the timeline notifications and push notifications on and off. After awhile and as I detect more devices I can’t remember what state I have set for a given device. I know that I can look at an individual device and see the current status of how I have the notifications set. But that requires a number of clicks to get to the proper display. Does anyone think it might be of value to add that status as part of the initial display of all devices? Perhaps have the icon appear on top of a box if timeline is selected and an arrow coming out of the box if notifications are on/off. Just an idea and will leave the exact way to implement it up to you guys.


I’m facing the same issue; would love to see that feature in the future.


Thanks for the idea. I can definitely see the utility of something like that. I’ll be sure to pass it on.

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