What’s New in iOS v1.13.0, Android v1.10.0



Have you ever thought to yourself “I’d love if Sense could alert me when a device has been on for too long”? Well so did we, and now you can with custom device notifications!

New Notifications Screen

With a new set of notifications, we figured it was time that notifications got a screen of their own. Just tap ‘Notifications’ on a device’s details to see its alert settings. There, you can enable the old notifications that you know and love, like ‘Show on Timeline’ and the newly separated ‘Alert me when it turns ON’/’Alert me when it turns OFF’ (formerly known as ‘Enable Alerts’), as well as the new custom device notifications.

Custom Device Notifications

With a tap of the ‘+’ sign, you can add a new custom alert for the device. Just select the state (ON/OFF) and the amount of time to set the alert (from minutes to days). Want an alert when your oven has been left on? Assuming you don’t do a ton of slow cooking, ‘Alert me if the Oven is ON for 1 HOUR 15 MIN’ will do the trick! Save multiple alerts per device, and remove them by tapping ‘Delete Alert’ on the alert’s screen.

Item has not been detected in x hours

So I assume that notification for time run was in the works before my product wishlist topic, nice!


Nicely done!


@crochettodd, it was indeed. :grinning:

Thanks @NJHaley !


Hey Ben! I still can’t login from any iOS 11 devices or macOS High Sierra Devices. I am having to use another computer to even send this… Any idea when you guys are going to fix the “cancelled” login bug?


This solves the very problem that led me to discover this device in the first place, which was accidently leaving the freezer door open. Thanks! :sunglasses:


Hey Ethan,

We’ll be getting some fixes out this week for iOS 11 beta that should hopefully correct the login bug. That being said, given that iOS 11 beta is still changing itself, the testing and fixing process will be on going.


Excellent! Now my dehumidifiers will tell me when they are full (i.e. “off for 4 hours” accomplishes that)