What’s New in iOS v1.8.0, Android v1.5.0

In the latest app update released for iOS (v1.8.0) and Android (v1.5.0) today, we’ve added:

Device Detection Feedback: We’ve added tools for you to help improve device detection both in your home, and for the Sense community. In addition to device renaming, you can now help Sense learn with the new ‘Report Problem’ button, found at the bottom of the Device Details screen. You’ll now be able to:

  • Indicate ‘Device is not on’ - If Sense is showing a device as ‘On’ but you know it’s not, you can give us a heads up. We’ll use this information to improve device detection not only in your home, but for the whole Sense community.

  • ‘Delete this device’ - Ready to put to a deceased device to rest? Or maybe we got a little confused? Say no more. This will remove a device from your device list and let us know specifically where detection may need tweaking.
    *Note: if you delete a device still in your home, Sense may re-‘learn’ it.

The more users offer device detection feedback, the smarter Sense gets. Help us, help you, help each other! Crowdsourced machine learning is a beautiful thing.

“Sticky” timeline events: Noteworthy events will now “stick” to the top of your timeline so that you don’t miss them. For now, most of these appear during the initial setup of Sense. Ready to move on? They will automatically disappear after 24 hours, or you can send them away by hitting the ‘x.’

New Reset Options: Sometimes, you need to take drastic action. We hope it never comes to this, but just in case… you can now: ‘Reset Data,’ ‘Factory Reset,’ and ‘Delete Account’ under the Settings menu. Careful! These options will all wipe the historical power data and devices from your Sense monitor. ‘Data reset’ can be handy if your physical hardware installation changes, but otherwise, we recommend keeping these in your back pocket.


FYI, as of 4/6/2017 at 10:18am EDT the Android update does not show up in the Google Play store.

Check now, I see it as an update on my end.

Still not there (10:35am), it may take time for Google to propagate changes all over. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Hmm that’s odd. I downloaded the update from the store myself this morning!

(10:57am) The play store says WHAT’S NEW - Crash fix v1.4.3, and my installed version also says 1.4.3 and build 737. I’m in the Boston area, so I would think we’d see the same Play Store servers.

OTOH, I am using T-Mobile service. Maybe it has to propagate to their Google Play Store servers?

Hi Ira,
I looked into this and the Android app update rolls out to the Google Play Store in waves. It should appear for you soon! Sorry about that.

As of 12:31pm, the new update shows in the Google Play Store.


The new version 1.5.0 still won’t open for me, saying “Sense has stopped”. I’m on Android 7.1.2, oneplus 2. I have to keep reverting back to 1.3.6 to get it work.

Have you tried reinstalling the app? There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with your phone/OS.

Ive uninstalled, wiped data and tried all other iterations of the app. Ive
wiped the phone with a clean install and same conclusion.
Anything beyond 1.3.4 fails to open, so starting with 1.3.8 and on. Im
having the dev of the ROM im using look into, and send you the error data

I’m sorry that’s happening. Please do send that error data over!

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that we’ve pushed a minor update that will appear in the respective app stores today. The update includes some minor UI fixes and adds a double confirmation to data and factory resets, to ensure no one accidentally deletes their data!

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On the Android app it might make Sense to move the Resets and Solar Select to the bottom page , below Signals, Device Detection and Learn more.

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Noted! Thanks for the suggestion. The thought was that the reset functions relate to the monitor settings above, but I understand the desire to put some more space between fingers and data resets.

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Great idea. I can’t remember if solar calibration is the same, but I remember thinking I may have messed things up a few months ago when I accidentally clicked the solar tab while scrolling through.

Also, thirded.

@BenAtSense I’m really digging the extra communication recently! Thanks for the heads up.

Great! improving. Still waiting on being able to have 2 sense units in the app without having to logoff and logon to see energy usage!

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Could we rename the events? And maybe move your delete all data option to the bottom.