What’s New in iOS v1.10.0, Android v1.7.0

Device Usage History

With device usage history, newly detected devices include the data that we used to detect them. This means when ‘Motor 1’ is detected, you have a set of clues ready to go to help solve the mystery and identify what the device is! From the moment it appears in your devices list, you will know the average run time, average consumption, time since last being on, number of times on, and total energy usage of the device. When you’ve narrowed down what it may be, you can rename the unknown device, changing how it appears in your app and helping to improve device detection for the entire Sense community.

Note: This usage history used to detect a device, only applies to those devices detected after this update.

New Device Notifications & Notification Settings

We think device detection is pretty exciting. That’s why we’ve given you more control over when and how you get notified, with a new notifications screen (found under Account in Settings). You can now choose to get push and/or email notifications when a new known device or a new mystery device (like an unnamed heat element) is detected. Tailor your notification experience, so you only get what you want, when you want it.

We’ve also fixed a small bug that prevented some of you from receiving notifications on multiple devices. Now everyone in the family can share in the notification excitement!

Updated to v1.7.0 on Android:

  • Sony Xperia Z3 D6603
  • Android v6.0.1
  • Kernel 3.4.0-erf-gc14c2d5, build #23.5.A.1.291

Encountering an error in the Notification page: when toggling settings, the following error occurs. Going back and re-entering the Notifications page, the changes, however, were successfully applied/saved.

EDIT: Did a Force Stop and restart and it’s fine now, similar to what @davidferri noted on iOS.

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I had a similar problem on my iOS device. Quitting the application and restarting resolved the problem. In fact, the change in notification setting had been recorded.

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Thanks for making us aware of this issue @nahpymerej & @davidferri. Should be corrected now!