Odd Device Identified in Usage Trend data

So quick backstory, I had the Wiser energy monitor installed for about a month (throughout March) and found my employer offered an incentive for actual Sense monitors, so I swapped it out about 5 days ago. Now going through the initial wave of device detection and find it interesting how its been differing thus far but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, I was flipping through the app this morning and noticed a unnamed device in my usage trend data which appears to be labelled as Sense’s internal identification number. The historical usage is shown and appears to correlate with my Hot Tub heater cycling. The odd thing is that this isn’t shown anywhere else in the app (Devices, Bubbles, Timeline, etc.). I did note it will show up in the data export from the web app as well but it isn’t identified anywhere on the web app.

Does anyone know if this commonly happens or is expected as Sense is learning a new device? Is it a bug I am experiencing, device was learned but not identified properly?

Wondering if I should write in to sense support or if this is a common occurrence. Thanks in advance!

“Show on Timeline” is the feature that needs to be enabled! Rename the Unnamed Device, and set the feature.

@invoice I had checked if I could get to that setting since I had previously seen it for other devices. Unfortunately, I have no access to any of the device details because it doesn’t show up under my devices list.

I never actually got a device found notification for this either, it just showed up in my trends data at some point in the last ~18 Hours.

Is my scenario something similar to what you have seen before? I’ve always had the device found notification in the past…this feels like some type of bug to me.

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I concur with your assessment and suggest the submission of a support ticket. This is definitely outside of my experienced normal behavior. During the interim, more technical will reply, giving you their deeper understanding!

For now, take the efficient path to resolution and obtain the why afterwards.

@invoice Just as I was typing a reply, I got a device detection notice. Sure enough it was that item and must have been an in progress device detection. Maybe a bit of a bug that it showed me any detail before it was “officially” detected.

It may have taken several hours but I am at least glad it straightened itself out! Otherwise, I’d have likely taken your advice and written into support.

Thanks for your input!

If you look around on the posting in the community, you’ll see occasional references to these pre-emergent devices with cryptic names. The solution is the standard, “wait a little bit”

Thanks for the info. I tried searching a bit but wasn’t sure what terminology to use and had no luck.

Good to know it happens occasionally though. My thought was it could’ve been a bug and worth writing to Sense support to look into.