Mystery unnamed items in Trends Usage tab?


Just noticed a few items in the trends usage tab that have a hash-looking name.

Anyone else experience this? Are these possible devices that Sense hasn’t been confident enough to name?


Maybe my guess was correct. Later that day, my app announced it had discovered 4 new devices, and those hashes got a name. Interesting look ahead, perhaps, for when Sense might be on the verge of identifying a new device.

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That is inning and I have not seen it before. But now I’m checking this location daily for the same thing and hoping for new detections

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Are you still seeing those devices? This is an artifact of the device detection process. It shouldn’t be user facing, necessarily, and there’s a logged bug to be fixed. Usually you’ll see them transform into a device within a day or so.


They each transformed later that day into a real boy, I mean device. Though I understand it wasn’t intended to be user facing, I hope it doesn’t go away anytime soon — I like the possible look ahead. :smiley:

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Woot. 2 new devices coming soon. :smiley:

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You might have been better off keeping this isolated feature to yourself. I have a feeling support is going to change your permissions for it


I’d be surprised if it’s only me, and I’m happy to share the “feature” with others while it lasts. :joy:


It’s probably working on mine too but just don’t have any upcoming detections right now, bummer.
I did get another one this week but last showing in history was March 3-5.


I’ve seen this “feature” too, same behavior discussed above

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There is a post where @RyanAtSense addresses this as it used to be a feature for and “up next” heads up. For some reason you still have it. I wonder if your running a different firmware version

So, those numbers are an artifact from a deprecated feature (“Currently Learning” and “Up Next”). It was a great idea but turned out to be less so in practice, so it was pulled. You can read a bit more about the removal here: What’s New in v18


It wasn’t a feature itself, but it’s a vestige of a feature that once existed (and didn’t work very well). Don’t worry, no one’s going to come after you :wink:

It shouldn’t be dependent on firmware, but you won’t see it for all devices either.

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