Almost instant device detection when installed, well sort of


Some very interesting findings on device detection, I was looking at the exported data from the first day of install (2 days ago) as well as yesterday’s data and noticed a second line with a device ID. I had no idea what it could be from the ID number listed and there were no “found devices” as of the time of exporting the data. What I found interesting is that the ID showed up from the beginning hours when the sense was installed. Later on last night I did get the notification that sense detected a new device and labeled it “Fridge”

Where this may be interesting for some is to see if sense is seeing something that it has not fully identified yet or notified you about. you can see this from the line on the exported data that has a device ID but no name associated with iit.


This used to be a feature but I believe they removed it because it gave too many users false hope and added unnecessary load to the support team.

The data it still there and available in some ways but it gets a bit more technical.

Cool find though!


So…that actually shouldn’t be happening, ideally! You’re seeing some artifacts of the detection process that shouldn’t be getting filled in on the export. Would you mind shooting a ticket over to support?

@samheidie It wasn’t removed solely for those reasons. It also just wasn’t as accurate as we wanted it to be, but maybe that’s what you mean by “false hope.”


The data is showing “Fridge” now in the exported data, and I do not see any other “False Positives” in that data. This is the only place I was able to see that as the app didn’t give any indications prior to the “device found” notification came up.


This is the data exported from the first day. The blank space for name now shows Fridge

I submitted a ticket, but couldn’t upload the file anywhere, this is for reference if interested.

1-hour data from Feb 20, 2019 to Feb 21, 2019.csv (1023 Bytes)