What’s New in iOS v1.12.0, Android v1.9.0

Over the past several months, we’ve gotten a lot of requests from community members for more control over detected devices. Today, we’re excited to announce that you now have a handful of new device management features, available right from a device’s edit screen:

Device Categorization

Have a unnamed ‘Heat’, ‘Motor’, or ‘Device’ device detected, and are confident you know exactly what it is? Or maybe, Sense got a little ahead of itself and thought your toaster was an oven? Now in addition to renaming, you can change the category of a device, and thereby change the icon associated with it! To change the category of a device, tap ‘Type’ and select the category and type that the device is.

Help our Data Science Team with Make and Model

While you’re on the device edit screen, why not add the ‘Make’ and Model’ of the device? For example, my toaster is a ‘Black and Decker’, model ‘TR3500SD’. This information will help our Data Science team improve our detection algorithms. The more devices that have make and models attached, the easier it will be to attribute certain electrical signatures to specific devices, down to model. Community is powerful!

Mark as a Guess

Think you know what an unnamed device is but aren’t totally sure? Forget adding ‘???’ or ‘Maybe’ to your device name. Just mark it as a ‘Guess’. To do so, make a change to the device’s name and tap the slider that appears for ‘This is a guess.’ This will automatically append a ‘?’ to the end of your device’s name and will inform our data science team how strongly to weigh your name edit when refining our algorithms.

Take Notes on Your Devices

In the process of tracking down an unnamed device, you may find some clues that you want to write down. You can now do so at the bottom of the edit screen in ‘My Notes.’ Notes saved here will appear on your device details page. Let us know what kinds of information you store in here!


Something a little strange happened, not sure if its a bug. I spent yesterday recording all the model numbers of my devices and categorizing them but today the model numbers are blank. The categories remain and the note I added remains. iOS 10.3.2

Other than that I love this update. I can now categorize my appliances properly. My two garage doors now have a door icon, previously one was a cog wheel…same with my dishwasher. Send a big thanks from me to the Sense team.

@Bubuski, thanks for the great feedback. Glad you’re liking the new features!

And thanks for reporting that. We took a look and there does seem to be a bug in the latest iOS app version with regards to the model numbers. The model numbers are being saved when you enter them but the saved numbers aren’t being displayed. We’re working on a fix now. Once the fix is applied (via an imminent app update), the model numbers that you previously entered will reappear. Sorry about that!


@Bubuski the patch should be in the app store shortly! Once you’ve updated, the model numbers should reappear.

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