Item has not been detected in x hours


Having a notification when Sense detects an item has not been detected in a certain time frame would be wonderful. Perfect solution for a chest freezer that I’m always paranoid will go out one without noticing it in time.


This is an excellent suggestion. I can think of a few “paranoid” type devices I would use this on especially during cold winter months when we are out of town, heat tape, fish tank heater, and of course the furnace.


Great idea




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That would be great! I use Acurite to monitor my home temperature. While it does do a good job it still loses connectivity letting me know. I run to the freezer just in case my freezer has quit working. Sense warnings would be double protection for me so this is an awesome idea.


OMG - that would be awesome. Think of the money that would save if that happened.


Glad you all liked this idea, because we’ve just added custom device notifications based on time: What’s New in iOS v1.13.0, Android v1.10.0!