Just had this exchange with my wife

I’m at work, but Sense detected a new device “ice maker” last night while I was asleep. I suspected this might actually be the dispenser built into the door. So about 30 minutes ago, when I got a notification saying it had turned on, I texted my wife.


I reclassified it as “other appliance” and renamed it to “Ice Dispenser”. I don’t think I’m going to merge it with my Fridge detection.

Anyway, I just thought this was kinda funny. Anyone else had similar exchanges with their SO?



I’ve definitely had a few fun exchanges like that, but I have a weirder one that most immediately comes to mind…

I was working on an instructional video and wanted to include an example from a co-worker’s home where he would get his garage door notification on his Apple Watch. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t nail down a time to shoot together so I decided to just do it on my own. With a whole lot of Hollywood magic (i.e., changing the name of a smart plug to ‘Garage Door’ in my app — I don’t actually have a garage), I was able to get the shot I needed. However, I forgot to change it back.

Cue my wife texting me incredibly confused when our “garage door” turned on every time I turned the TV on.

Maybe we should have a line on our Features page about how Sense is also great for practical jokes? I think I’ll change the TV smart plug to “Ryan’s Brand New Gaming Computer” next…


The also do t like the light and dispenser detections merges.

Good luck with that. Will you be springing on her that the first new purchase on the new titanium Apple Card is the new gaming computer?
Of course I’m assuming you got it when it came out.

Hah! I don’t think I’d qualify for the Apple card, though I admittedly haven’t looked much into it.

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Yes. Our Sense detects the microwave so I’ve had that pop up and then text “So whatcha cooking?”


We have a basement fridge that the kids have left the door open on so I set up sense to notify if the fridge ran more then a hour. Needless to say my wife doesn’t run down to check the fridge after the 20th false positive.