Sense lost connection with freezer

Two days ago Sense showed my freezer was short cycling during the day. Later that day Sense showed it was no longer running. Being the freezer is 25+ years old, I figured it has finally reached the end. After checking the last few days, I have found it was still working. Now I’m trying to figure out why Sense has lost connection with it. Now sure if I should deleted it or wait to see if it shows again on my timeline. Anyone else have a similar issue?

Sense frequently “loses a connection” (actually its stored data doesn’t adequately match the devices current signature) for a while, then comes back. Normal behavior.

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Thanks, I’ll wait to see if it returns.

Could the freezer be on its way out? I am wondering if the Sense is no longer recognizing the signature because the compressor sig has changed? Could be the compressor be failing and always changing its profile

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Unrelated to Sense, but one of these gives me a lot of piece of mind with my chest freezer in the basement. I can monitor temperatures from my living room and also set temperature alarms. It’ll give you enough notice to try to take care of the issue before you lose goods.

I also have these, after seeing a failing refridge waste lots of food! Excellent product, does what the marketing says it can do.

No sure. I have checked it twice a day since the lost started. It has been holding 5 degrees without a problem. Just going to keep checking a d see what happens.