Support to use Sense's offline storage to identify "always on" network equipment


If Sense can store up to 6 hours of data AND Sense is powered directly off of a breaker THEN it should be possible to establish procedures that allow for a user to reduce the load in a home to bare minimum AND slowly bring up network devices that are required for the connection Sense uses to the “mother ship”.

For instance, in order for Sense to connect in my home, I have to have 4 devices active (I could bring it down to 2 if I REALLY tried…):

  1. Modem - I have a cable modem that provides the initial access point in the house.
  2. Router 1 - I have a dedicated gateway router that has a firewall and logging capabilities.
  3. Switch - I have a high speed switch that is connected to the first router and provides access from the gateway router to a number of ethernet outlets in the house.
  4. Router 2 - I have a router for the floor where the Sense is installed that provides that floor’s wi-fi signal.

All 4 devices presently have to be on for Sense to be able to connect. If I could tell Sense - “hey, I am shutting down everything I can. I will bring up my key devices one at a time every X minutes or so to give you a decent differential baseline. When you are able to get network connection, I am done.” - And then proceed. (If some of the other features I’ve suggested - in particular the ability to add notes to load changes - are also implemented, they could be used as well.)

This would assist those who really want to know what makes up their “Always on” load another tool to isolate such.


You seem to be reading our mind. We’re not working on specifically this, but we will have some changes coming in the future related to our network identification abilities and Always On loads. Stay tuned!