Offline mode

I was on a longer vacation, and put the “home” in sleep mode, which meant turning off everything not essential which included the home wifi (everything not connected to security and the AC). I come back home, turn things back on and to my surprise the sense unit recorded NOTHING while it was “offline” but still on.

This really is a bad design. Internet is intermittent here - after large storms it can be days before service is back. So it looks like nothing is recorded, nothing is available to inspect during times where no uplink signals are available? SSDs are VERY small today - it shouldn’t be that hard to add 10G storage inside the unit as a buffer?

Understand I’m not suggesting that there will be analysis etc. of the data - that can happen later when-ever sense feels it’s got the bandwidth to do that. But just dropping all the data seems a huge waste here?

Ouch. Yeah that seems bad.

Sense does have some buffering. I’ve had a couple of extended internet outages where Sense has backfilled, and some where it has not. It would be nice to have a larger buffer, but unlike you, I would probably leave my WiFi on, even during an extended vacation due to all the home monitoring gear I have.

BTW - If you look at the teardown, I think Sense has a 6GB eMMC onboard. Not far off your 10G request.


At the moment, Sense records a 6 hour buffer in the event of a connection loss. That may not sound like much, but there’s quite a lot of data from that 6 hour period. Ideally, we’d store more and hopefully can in the future.


Actually, 6 hours seems plenty reasonable to me…

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