Sense Monitor Offline

I got a notification that the sense monitor was offline. Checking the community forum and found out that turning off the breaker for a couple seconds could bring the device back to normal and it did. I now have a 2 hour hole in the Power Monitor when the outage occurred. Does sense have a local storage that will fill in the data hole or is the data just lost?

yes, but only if WIFI was lost and reconnected I believe it logs for up to 8 hrs, But if power loss or breaker reset, the data is gone.

You can learn more about data persistence here:

If Sense is unable to reconnect, the monitor can hold at least six hours of device-specific, per-second data. After that space is exhausted, the data may be lost, but the monitor will try to preserve per-minute data for whole home consumption and solar production for a minimum of three months.

Note that in cases where multiple power outages occur while Sense is disconnected from Wi-Fi, further data loss can occur.

I would encourage you to reach out to the Support team for your specific issue.