Sense data buffer?

I’m going to take down my wifi to do some rewiring of some cables and rearrange my office. Probably going to take an hour at most.
How much of a data buffer does Sense have? Don’t want to lose data unless absolutely necessary.
I’ve noticed that my wifi has gone down for brief times but the data seems to retroactively repopulate.

I believe that the buffer period is 6 hours. You may also be able to bring it down for say four hours at a time, bring it up for an hour or two, then down again. This would help for longer outages.

I’ve had Sense retain up to 8 hours but have also had it lose data after just an hour. I don’t believe the 6 hours stated is absolute.

So, 6 hours for real-time data. However, if multiple power outage occur, you’ll lose that data as it is on volatile memory.

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Thanks for the reply. My 1 hour project took almost 4 hours. No appreciable loss of data.


That’s how it always goes for me…

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