My Network Was Down - But I Didn't Lose Sense Data

Interesting… My alarm system is IP connected and alerts me on my smartphone with a notification when internet connectivity is lost…

I got an alert at 1am that connectivity was lost…and got another notification at 1:20am that connectivity was restored… Honestly, I don’t know how often internet connectivity is sampled…so even though I could interpret this as a 20 minute outage, all I really know is that I lost connectivity at 1am for anywhere between 1 and 20 minutes (I think that’s what I can assume… Maybe I lost connectivity a few minutes before 1am, and it wasn’t detected until 1am)…

In any case, I checked my Sense meter to see if I lost any data during that time, and it appears that I lost nothing at all… Is this an indication that I actually didn’t lose data, and that my alarm system had a false positive (on internet loss)? Or does Sense have some built in capability that either interpolates data or buffers data?

Just curious…

I believe that as long as sense has power, it will keep six hours of data to upload at a later time.


Correct. The monitor should store data locally and push it to the cloud when the internet connection comes back up.


Ah… Nice!!!

So the only time I would lose data is if the power goes out, or if connectivity is interrupted for long periods of time (~6 hours)… Got it, thanks! I learned something new today!

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That is indeed a very nice feature … enough on-board memory for 6 hours, nice!