Cache data if no connction to servers


From what I’ve read, Sense does not save any of the data it collects locally, but sends all of it to the servers. This is due to not wanting to wear out the local storage on the Sense device, which makes sense when everything is working, but I’ve seen multiple stories of people with Internet issues at their homes, or the Sense just having a connection issue, and data is lost.

If we have to power cycle the Sense, then all of the data is gone, as it was only stored in RAM and cleared when restarted. If it is an Internet outage, it appears that Sense can only cache about 7 hours of data before it needs to start purging.

If the local Sense device could tell that it was unable to communicate with the servers and then start logging data to the local storage until connection is restored, both of these scenarios could be avoided. When Internet comes back up, it can upload all of the stored data, then delete the local file and resume storing in RAM. If the Sense is rebooted, the gap should only be the reboot time, and then the local Sense could upload what it had stored locally, along with current data in RAM.

This would minimize how often the local storage is used, but increase customer satisfaction and data reliability.

Also, a notficiation, either thorugh the app or by e-mail that Sense has not been communicating with the servers would be helpful, so we know to investigate.


Hi there, thanks for the feedback. We have indeed been trying to design towards maximizing the lifetime of the Sense hardware when making software decisions, and limiting eMMC writes has been part of that effort. Falling back to eMMC when the RAM buffer is full is a great idea and we will add it to our list of things to investigate. If we can implement it in a way that limits any adverse impacts to product lifetime we’ll get it implemented.
As for notifications/alerts to when Sense is offline - we have this in the backlog and hope to be getting to it soon along with better in-app display of Sense status (e.g. status display instead of connecting… bubbles when we know your Sense is not online).