Survey of who has 2 sense monitors in the same home

I have read over the past 18 months people asking how to have 2 sense units in the same home merged into 1 account. Right now i have sense + solar on each of my 200 amp panels.

I am wondering if the sense team have an idea of how many of us are out there?



Who knows ? Sense might be able to tell if people use the same name on each account, but the account ids are all different.

I have one Sense + Solar on my 400A panel, plus a use a second one solely for the auxiliary port. I have 2x240V circuits on DCM, one for my Model 3 charger and one for the Heating Loop subpanel.

BTW - the Discourse forum we’re using allows some advanced users to create a poll. What would you ask in a poll ?

I just had an electrician install two monitors in my home. The app doesn’t seem to work with 2 monitors. There is no information I can find on the topic.

@petermosca ,
You’ll need to set up two different accounts using two different email addresses for two different Senses. I have two Sense monitors attached to my breaker boxes and combine the data using Home Assistant with the Sense Integration - two different monitors below.

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 4.27.37 PM

newbie here, i’ve been whingeing unsuccessfully at Sense Support to provide a facility to double the detected power from the single CT clamp pair. Why? because my 200a service arrives on the breaker side of the main panel distributed across two 100a breakers that are ganged together. there is no single point** where a single pair of CT clamps can capture 100% of power draw. however, one pair reflects exactly half of current drawn. so in my situation i feel the chances for matching devices in the giant database are limited by the fact that i’m only reflecting half of the power drawn.
** exception, break the lead seal and bust in to meter side of the panel and clamp on the grid side of the meter!! (let me know how that goes …)

@apeterdavies, my Sense monitor is placed on the pre-meter side of my box for a similar reason - I have solar and my 400A service splits into two 200A subpanels before I could tap it on the service side. My electrician opened the seal, installed and reset the seal.

You’re more likely to get good results by installing the CTs pre-meter than trying to push Sense to offer a custom configuration.

yup - agreed. but finding an electrician willing to break that seal and attach anything upstream of the meter (let alone drilling a hole for the CT clamp wires to exit that space) has proved challenging.

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I would love to have the Sense app support multiple units but realize this will probably be low priority. I have 1 unit with 400A split service and another unit for a 100A panel that is just for the swimming pool.

I am joining this conversation late but maybe I could get some insight from someone with a two-Sense setup. I currently only have a single Sense but have all but stopped using it because I have the following configuration: I have solar, full house battery backup, and two electrical panels. Because I live in California, my peak electrical rate is about .48 cents a kilowatt, so I use the battery to supply whole-house power during peak hours. The second panel contains the circuits that will be supported if there is a power-grid failure. If you have a similar configuration have you found a setup that works? Thanks!

I have 2 panels each w a sense. Different email for each. Solar on each and a subpanel on one for my generator 20kw running heat pump essential circuits etc.

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I’m going to be in this boat soon. I have a large detached garage that’s ~200ft from my house, I’ll be in the same network (internet) but a separate meter/ service and sense. I’m probably going to copy what Kevin is doing and push all the sense data to 1 home assistant build. I’m going to put a grid tied solar edge SE7600h that I just bought in the garage and my power company will let me aggregate the bill/ net metering.

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I have both a sense and an Eyedro monitor in my panel now. Why? Because Sense doesn’t integrate with anything nicely.
Eyedro integrates with IFTTT and with SmartThings - and provides actual useful real time info.
For example, I have a smartthings routine that notifies me whenever my power use is above 3.5kw during peak hours. This is important because the current demand charge, during peak hours, is $17 per kwh for your highest hour. The electricity is VERY cheap the rest of the time, but it is expensive during peak hours and the demand adds lots. So we have worked hard to make sure there is minimal power use during peak hours. As a result, our TOTAL electric bill divided by the monthly usage is almost always less than $0.10 per KWH. And rather than buy a load controller, I have wifi thermostats already, so I can use SmartThings to write (essentially) “If during peak hours power use is more than 3500 watts then tell thermostat to set temp to 85”.

Been asking for this feature for a long time – or even an alert when usage is greater than X during a specific time period. Finally gave up and bought the Eyedro. It doesn’t detect individual devices but solves the other problem.
It can be hard to get all the current transformers onto the legs. Sense and Eyedro together (and Eyedro sensors are fat.)


A lot more than they think, or we would have a fix. At this point, I think we will have to wait for a competitive product. A “next gen” product needs to allow for multi-panels and more wire sensors for things like AC, Pools,

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