The People behind Sense - Who are they?

I’m curious as to who are the people behind Sense … as the company’s web page does not publish such information. I have my suspicions, as the company’s address (Mass Ave in Cambridge, MA) reminds me and brings back beautiful memories of a school I attended a long time back. It’s the one near Harvard Bridge, and a scenic view of downtown Boston, across the Charles river. My office was in the basement of Building 5, though now it’s housing a very different Lab than the one I was affiliated with. Are you guys from the same school? It’s okay if you’re not … as that region is full of very smart and visionary individuals, that you can enlist to develop and improve Sense.

Hey @drjb
Check out this thread. it points to a couple different bits of information about the company
starting with the About Us page (link can be found in the footer)

To add to @ben’s comment above, there’s also a small section in the New Users Resource Post that has a couple of links on who is behind Sense, etc. that are mentioned in that thread.

There are quite a few employees at Sense that have attended either MIT (specifically, the Media Lab) or other institutions in the area. Definitely no shortage of talent on our various teams. We’re usually looking for new positions, and Boston is a great place to start :slight_smile: .

Thank you guys, that makes me even proud of that place … and thank you for the travel back in time. Sadly, I never visited the Media Lab. One day maybe, I’ll swing by and check out the place … it’s been about 25 years since I got my PhD from there.

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