Who is behind Sense?

What is Sense story?
Since how long is the product available?
Which company manufacture Sense?
What are the different branding of Sense? I know Ene Wiser and Sence, any other branding?
Where does Sence fit under Schneider company?
How many employees are working for the development, support, sales of Sence device and applications?

The “About Us” page on the website a good place to start when asking those kinds of questions. Gives a pretty good idea about the people (expertise and numbers), the investors, etc.

There is one blog that’s actually called “Our Story”, but it’s probably a little dated, though it tells the origin story.

The factsheet is useful in explaining the investments from Schneider Electric (Wiser version) and Landis + Gyr (Gridstream® Connect IoT integration).

But you may need to look through the news releases to find details of each of those investments and product partnerships.

Some of those questions are ones that private company, like Sense, typically doesn’t directly (allocation of people). And questions like who manufactures are typically not germane to customers, though if you are interested, there is at least one teardown out there…

The tear down is a bit dated - I know the TI DSP processor has been replaced by an ST Microelectronics processor. But then again, does who manufacture the boards, or who makes the chips really matter much to the average customer ?


Thanks @kevin1. I’ll read through those references. Much appreciated.

@kevin1 beat me to it!

@NorthMan As someone new to Sense as of this year, it’s been amazing to work with people that are so talented and passionate about what they do.

We have some blogs talking about some of our team members that I’ve included below.

George, our VP of Technology: https://blog.sense.com/george-zavaliagkos-vp-of-technology
Emilie, from our Data Science team: https://blog.sense.com/articles/meet-emilie-phillips-our-newest-data-scientist/
Aisha, our Customer Service Manager: https://blog.sense.com/aisha-strauss-customer-service-manager


@kevin1 and @JustinAtSense, I loved reading your references.

Now I know much more on Sense company.

I bought the Energy Wiser from Schneider because it was proposed to me by my electrician company when I replaced my main electrical panel. I wrongly tought that Schneider made the monitor and the app. Now I know the true story and undestand when and how Schneider jumped in the project and rebranded Sense monitor!

Look forward to continue using my Energy Wiser and reading this forum. I just put the order of Flex sensors. I intend to use it for my hydronic on-demand floors water heater (20 000 W). Being from Quebec, Canada, house heating is by far the highest energy consumer. Winter with its -30C exterior temperature is at our door step.

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