Sense on Ask This Old House


Saw this yesterday. I was really glad Sense did not try to over hype current capabilities.

Also good to see a few Sense employees on TV. Keep up the good work!


Interesting how it appears Sense found both legs of 120VAC for their oven yet only sees one leg for my oven :frowning: Wow and it found the washer too, has no clue that I have a washing machine. It is interesting in that I can see similar patterns for my washer yet Sense has not picked them up.


I thought the show as a fair representation of the device. I have an oven (one element still shows as a toaster occasionally, but it’s close). I have a washer. They talked about garage doors which I also have. What I found to be most peculiar though, this house couldn’t have had 90 days of operation, yet it had already identified a few things. How much manual work was done by the engineers to “help” the “machine learning” process, to have this prepared for the show?


Pretty clear this was either a home of one of the engineers or owner. This old house and Sense are both located in the greater boston area…

I’ve had my sense running for 2+ months and its no more than a orange brick… its become useless and can’t make up its mind about anything in my home. Oh and its my 2nd unit as the first one was a dud that took nearly 4 weeks for support to realize it wasn’t ever going to work… sad…


Every bell curve has its outliers, my friend. There are several things you could do to improve your spot on that curve, independent of Sense and customer support, including starting your own post and maybe taking some pictures of your install, some details about your home, and some screenshots of your readings so the community can try to help. Or you could rant in unrelated threads.

I suspect there isn’t much that could better your lot on the bell curve, however, so I’d probably ask for an RMA and move on with your life.

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