Put dryer on a smart switch and now Sense doesn't see it

To integrate my dryer with my Hubitat, I installed an Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch for the energy monitoring. Now Sense has stopped seeing my dryer. I think it’s a simple fix… my best guess is that when wiring up L1 and L2 they got switched, and so now each load is on the opposite leg than it used to be and that’s enough to throw off Sense’s algorithm.

I’m actually thinking about leaving it and seeing if Sense will redetect it. I get a lot of false positives with my stove, so maybe switching the two legs around on the dryer will actually help with that. This isn’t really a question or a problem… just something interesting that I noticed.

Minor gripe: Sense advertises itself as being able to make your home smarter, but fails pretty bad at it imo. I can’t integrate anything directly into Sense without setting up my own server and using an unofficial API. IFTTT doesn’t really cut it; it’s slow and now there is a limit of 3 applets on the free version.

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Okay, I take it back… it’s seeing the dryer and confusing the Sense a lot. I think later I will change L1 and L2 around later and see what happens.

The stove is not on and the dryer definitely uses more than 1300W.

And, not that many customers would be able to cope with setting up and programming their own server regardless of the API.

Well I switched the L1 and L2 around on the AC input side of the switch. There’s a load of laundry in the washer now so I’ll be able to test it soon. I did this for another reason too… When the dryer cycles the heat off, the switch reports 0W being consumed. I have a theory that the motor spinning the drum is probably 110v and only pulling power from one leg, and for whatever reason, when monitoring a 110v device, I bet it only checks for power on one leg and it was pulling power from the other leg… hence 0W. Seems like a plausible theory. I’ll know for sure in about an hour.

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That is how most normal dryers work. 120V motor between one leg and neutral. Same thing for the drum light.

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When two devices ‘get confused’ like that, I find that a request to “Support” is often helpful; they can look at the backend in more detail and often make adjustments to help keep them separate.