Its been over 2 years, still a no go.

Over 2 years and Sense still cannot figure out my house. The only thing it knows for sure are my smart plugs and hue lights. Sometimes I have a stove, sometimes a motor1. I also have heat 1, 2 and 3, and motor 3 and 4. No idea at all what those are, they seem to be pretty random and I can never get them on by switching items on and off in my house. My refrigerator left me along time ago and has yet to reappear. Everything just groups into the Other bubble now. I think Sense just gave up on detection.

Perhaps start over and reset it? Re eats and motors they do number them in sequence. I did reassign a name when I played around with roof deicing cables, hair dryer, pipe heather cables and my electric hot water tank. my Motor 1 was my air handler, another was a ceiling fan. another motor was my well pump and sense gave that as a high probability. It is fun detective work. BTW 3 of my heaters were for my HW tank. I combines them

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