Thermoelectric Wine Fridge Tracked With Emulated Kasa Via Home Assistant

I have a thermoelectric wine fridge, which is essentially a solid state cooling device and has no compressor. This means it is always on. I do not have a supported WeMo or Kasa smart plug, but had a spare Etekcity Voltson smart plug, which supports energy usage tracking. I noticed that the fridge constantly uses between 20-35 watts at all times. Being thermoelectric, I assumed it would be very hard for Sense to detect amongst my ~225w of always on.

Tonight, I just discovered Home Assistant’s emulated Kasa integration and wired it all up on a spare Raspberry Pi I had lying around. Sense immediately detected this “plug.” My question is this: Since this device is always on, now that I’m tracking it, will Sense be smart enough to lower my always on by about 25 watts (which is the minimum power state of the thermoelectric cooling)?

I also categorized this device as a refrigerator, to help Sense learn, but there was nothing to further classify it as a wine fridge or thermoelectric, so I hope I’m not messing up any data metrics.

If I were to disable this integration and delete the device/switch, I’m assuming that within 24-48 hours, Sense would just recalculate this into my always on usage, right? I am tinkering with a Raspberry Pi and the smart plug, but this will add 5-7 watts of always on which I don’t need. I’m just using it to experiment / tinker / learn more.

Any thoughts?

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Take a look more closely at the Always On device. The top level Always On stays the same, based on the behavior of the mains, but Sense will reduce the Estimated unknown Always On based on all the smart plugs and emulated smart plugs.