Three Phase Support

Please update to include support for three phase service. Should be possible now with a total CT/sensor count of 4 per monitor. Plenty of mom and pop small business that run off of 200a 3 phase that cant justify panel upgrades to support the big name enegry monitors.


Thanks for your feedback. Currently, Sense is only intended for home use and not intended for enterprise or business use.

There are some variations to support 3 phases in some regards, but as of now, most homes in the USA are split phase, which is the intended use for Sense.

I have recorded this feedback and sent it to the product team for consideration. Thanks again for your feedback!

Hello James,

Thank you for your acknowledgment. Can you shed more light on why 3 phase can’t be supported when the hardware can support 4 CTs?


The second set of CTs is mainly geared toward Aux / Solar measurements, while the main grid CTs work for grid measurements and evacue detection.

On a technical level, 3 phase isn’t impossible, but this feature has just not been fleshed out in a way that works for most split-phase homes.

This would also create a big technical hurdle for a 3-phase home that also has solar, as solar monitoring is generally needed for solar users to filter out solar signals coming into the main channels.

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@JamesDrewAtSense , I think you mean “NOT intended for enterprise or business use” ?

I have seen a few stories on the forum of users and Sense making the current Sense monitor work for residential users that have 2 phases of a 3 phase network powering their townhouse or condo.

One more thought - Sense seems to be moving into support of other grid voltages and configurations, but mostly in cooperation with utilities outside North America, and via integrated Sense-enabled meters.

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Hi Kevin, thank you I corrected this by adding “not”. Whoops!

To get to your other point, you are right; it’s possible. However, usually, this happens via the acknowledgment that one entire phase is either going to go unmonitored or we have to spend time doing a significant workaround in the backend that, frankly, is not supported. Some support agents have experimented in the past.

In some situations, such as my old condo, there are also three-phase buildings but two-phase panels in the unit—using the standard setup tends to work fine in this situation. I know this isn’t what was mentioned, but I see this sometimes.

At this time, we only support customers in the USA and Canada, where the vast majority of homes and panels within units are two-phase.

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