Time of use pricing


While I’m not experiencing any where near the TOD Rates that @craft211 has, my utility, Excel, is threatening to implement TOD rate as follows:
• On-Peak = $0.18 per kWh 2pm - 6pm
• Shoulder = $0.13 per kWh 9am - 2pm & 6pm - 9pm
• Off-Peak = $0.08 per kWh 9pm - 9am

I installed the Sense monitor to let me know what to expect my new billing will be and the cost of moving my big users to off-peak. My EV is my biggest user. Looking forward to tagging it’s load.


Mine changes depending on the season. It will also be preferred if the rate we input into the app does not affect costs calculated for previous months(historical data). My utility has rate increases and decreases year over year. They cut the rate 30% last year and its the lowest its been in 5yrs so it is bound to go up again


Dutifully piling on to this request. I’m with PG&E E-6 “time of use” rate plan. Here’s a link to the tariff schedule:

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Add me too… just moved to XCEL Peak Demand pricing last year. Its saving me $20-40 per month and I didnt change my usage pattern.



We don’t yet have time based rates in our area, but we do get a slight discount on the first 500 kWh. We also have a 15% discount on distribution charges and a conservation charge for prompt payment. It has to be nearly impossible to make the app customizable enough to fit all scenarios.


With PG&E in northern California it would be very nice to have power usage summarized by the time of use rates. I don’t care about an accurate $ cost estimate but knowing the power usage by peak rate, part peak, and off peak time periods would be very helpful. It will help in evaluating the effectiveness of a home battery to time shift solar energy production. Thanks.

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I’m hoping for native PG&E TOU tagging and utilization summaries as well. But in the meantime, I have developed some R code that will do the analysis of Sense exported data. Tested it against my PG&E bills. Also hoped that the code would make it easier for Sense to think about how to approach. Here’s the thread.

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sure would like to see some kind of TOU price feature soon. Can’t Sense people add a simple 24/7 grid now and let us enter our calculated amounts?? Sense people can just continue developing a more refined price usage feature but for right now make this simple 24/7 grid so we can get some kind of price per Kw averaging ?? None of the trends goals in the app are of any use now. Sure hope a simple price per Kw 24/7 grid is made soon.

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Here in California where I live they are starting this up this year so I need it as well for accurate cost. Thanks.


I just installed sense a few days ago. I entered our electricity cost based on our utility plan PG&E E1 which allows us 165.6 kWh @ .21 before it bumps up to .28. Are there plans to allow sense to have tiered usage data?

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people have been asking for this since the beginning. None of the goals or costs mean anything because Sense hasn’t built any kind of 24/7 cost grid for the data. they keep saying they are working on it but not even a temporary type of cost per hour setup has been created yet.


@RyanAtSense @BradAtSense Do you guys have some sense (heh) of what the status of this is? If the evolved/ideal solution is still quite far out, I’d really suggest a release of something more primitive so we can at least define TOU brackets. Even if there are seasonal shifts, we can make those changes manually around the season change. At minimum I think it would be helpful for us to have a primitive improvement sooner than later. You guys can always release your ideal cost calculator at a later time!


Here in Virginia we have peak, off peak and super off peak hours and all with different prices. would be nice to set it up according to time and price

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So i thought i was on the TOU (time of usage) program but it turns out i am just on a normal rate program here in Virginia. I spoke to someone at Dominion Energy today and I guess there are several different programs you can be on. Their rates are very confusing and when i add their rates up for my type of serve it says the first 800kWh equals up to $0.067718 per kWh and everything over 800kWh is either $0.050032 per kWh or $0.077377 per kWh but when i add my bill up to figure out the price per kWh it comes out to just over $0.11 per kWh. I am more interested to see how many kWh i am charged compared to what sense says i am using.

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My “Fridge Light” is my least favorite detection.

Fridge light was on 5 times
Fridge light was on for 33 seconds

And the kids complaining “There is nothing to eat”
With a full refrigerator and pantry


Every bulb in my house is a 0.85W led bulb. None will be found by Sense. Our bathroom is an array of 14 of these bulbs <12W.
The oven bulb is a 4W incandescent.

Until we got a new fridge in July… so i kept my 0.85W bulbs from the old one… but I bet our new fridge led bar is still not going to be found by Sense. I don’t know the wattage, but it would be cool to know how often the fridge is opened, like yours.

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Thanks for the idea @MachoDrone!
I just need to find an alternative LED bulb for the Fridge.
I had already changed out all the other bulbs in the house except the fluorescent bulbs in the garage and none of the new bulbs show up.

Fridge and fluorescents are now on the wishlist


At 155 watts it must include something else, like the circular fan.


there are many things the Sense box will not accurately find. I have many devices the sense box has seen but makes new ones when the same thing is found again and again. I’ve had this sense thing going on two years now and it is kind of cool but I doubt it will ever accurately keep track of devices. The Sense box always thinks my TV is on even when it gets turned off it still shows the same amount of watts. I like the little box for telling me my total power use and my solar production. One thing without the ability to set the cost per time of day the estimated $$$ for electric function is totally useless on this Sense box.


I am still hoping this can be done. Attached is an example of TOU Pricing for me in Southern California, I have Edison.
I am using Solar so this should benefit me.
Also, I plan to be purchasing a Tesla the end of March, so I will be charging at home at the .12cent level.
I have no idea how much power it will use to charge, I guess I will find out :slight_smile:

For now I have averaged my price as .20 cents.

I do realize this makes it complicated. I am sure everyone is different.


Regards… :slight_smile: