Toasty Tip


Gluten free is not for me – I’m a real toast fan.

I have a fancy toaster with many modes and flashing lights.
92 toastings this month with an average toast time of 2m13s! What’s yours??

Short of a full blown Sense toaster control (Toaster with a Sense mode … which would currently just toast my toast for 2m13s, no? – OK, I have to build that one) here’s what I’m going to do:

A “seconds” option would be nice but I’ll wait for somebody to build me a proper Sense toaster.

Also an option for adding a custom message along the lines of “OMG, Your perfect toast is ready, you have 13 seconds to get to the toaster!” or “OMG, You burnt the toast.”

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Surely, there’s gotta be a way that you could auto-shutoff your toaster with a smart plug after 2m 13s.

As for the custom message, I’ll pass it along to the team. Mostly bagel fans here, but I’m on Team Toast, so I’ll see if I can convince them :bread::fire:

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That’s no fun!

Team Toast shall build me a Sense-Native Toaster I tell you, they shall.

[On a slightly serious note though the feedback loop for average use time does get interesting. Like a “fuzzy logic” rice cooker but the logic can, in this case, come from the cloud and be applied to otherwise dumb devices. “Have you tried toast at 2m17s? It’s soooo much better!”]