Tracking A/C Amperage Trends for Predictive Maintenance

The A/C service technician was here for annual service check and maintenance of our air conditioning unit. As one test he measured the amperage drawn by the compressor and reported 10.3 amps actual draw, compared to a 17.9 amp rating and marked that as high. He said that high (or increasing) compressor current draw is a good predictor of unit failure and then set up an appointment with a sales consultant. (I have cancelled that appointment.) I would like to use Sense to track the A/C current draw over time. I notice that the device stats show an average usage of 2551 w (this corresponds to 10.6 amps for the overall unit). What I want to see is this statistic for each of the previous several months and years. An increase in this statistic may indicate an imminant failure.


I noticed that my system, when out of gas, was not drawing anywhere near as much as when they refilled it. I assume that the compressor wasn’t doing much. I would expect your results if the system was overfilled. A Compressor on its way out also sounds like a valid reason.

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