Under sink instant hot water tap usage

Anyone have one of these taps that have the instant hot water with it’s own tap that they can share the numbers with? I’m trying to find some real usage numbers on them. The advertising says “750w … Which is 40% less energy consumption in comparison to a regular light bulb.” Pretty confused about a 1875W light bulb?

Here’s mine. About 750W, but it’s not on all the time. It has a thermostat, so it’s on maybe 2 min per hour.

The trends section tells me that it uses about 18.1kWh/month. Divide that down to hours and it’s about 25Wh/h. Same as leaving a 25W lightbulb on all the time. Or 40% of a 60W lightbulb left on all the time.

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of an instant hot water supply, I would check this out. For less-than-huge usage it may be the more efficient way to go, especially if you like a lot of green tea at 160F:

Thanks Kevin… that was like a really fast find. I may Do it then, however use a zwave outlet that doesn’t let it heat at night or when we are away.

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