Unknown device about 200 watts

I get a device identified as a motor running for exactly 60 seconds approximately every hour. Occasionally it shows up as a three minute run time but I suspect that’s because of an overlap on the screening algorithm. I am very puzzled because it’s not exactly 1 hour but the time. Virtually always shows up as one minute and you can see the initial starting spike so it is a motor. I know every piece of electrical machinery in this house, can’t figure it out. It shows even when nothing else is running other than my standby equipment which I know every piece.

Do you have a dehumidifier? I have a dehumidifier in my crawl space that turns on the blower motor to sample the air every hour to determine if it needs to run.

I have a similar issue of an unknown device that uses exactly 200w and runs for 4hrs every Thursday. Outside of flipping the main breaker off, I have been unable to determine what the device is. The suggestion is 93% chance its a light? I do have one of those outside backyard lights that uses 220w, although it is controlled via a switch and it is always off. This feels as though it could be a false device. My power usage (moving bar graph) does not go up or down when the device powers on/off. Usage stays the same.

No dehumidifier for me.


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