Unnamed device spikes in power over last few months

Hey all, new here and I know there are a thousand and one of these “Can’t Figure this device!” posts and I swear i’ve read them all and still can’t figure this one out. I think it looks like a motor but it started out with low enough power consumption that I thought it might be a light. At one point i thought it was this super low powered server i run, whose fan would spin up very high every now and then but i’ve directly tested that to negative results (that’s why i named it Device 2 Not Holoport?). I was resigned to just never know, but then in September it spiked in avg power used and then spiked up again and now is set to use 2kwh over the course of a year.

Full disclosure, when I bought my Sense unit, I was unaware it would not work with my 400amp service. I only discovered that when installing the Solar add-on. Still everything else appears more or less accurate, i wonder if I’m just missing devices.

Anyways, if anyone has any ideas i’d love to hear. My breaker panel labeling is a mess and on my to-do list, so throwing breakers would be a hell of an undertaking at the current moment.