Using Sense for real world data

I Have been using Sense for years now and recently installed my second Sense meter in my house in the Philippines and I have over a month of good data from my usage and Sense is working perfectly on my 220V single phase panel.

What I am interested in doing now is determining the actual binifits that I see when doing a few upgrades to the house that I am renting from my friends. The house that I am renting is actually a duplex ranch so its a single story side by side duplex and is built to Philippines standards which is much different than that in the United States.

The big thing here is that the Philippines is close to the equator and is a bunch of tropical islands so it is always hot here. Another thing is that most houses here have metal roofs and no insulation in the attic. The house that I am in has a metal roof and no insulation in the attic and they do have soffit vents but no roof ventalation and they rely on the gaps in the ridge caps to allow a little bit of exhaust for the hot air to escape.

My friends told me that I could add insulation to the attic and I could deduct the cost from my rent and they understand what I want to do because they live in California and only visit here once a year for a month to visit their family and the other 11 months their side of the house is empty. The rest of the year their older brother who built the house comes by several times a week to take care of their house and yard but other than that it stays empty.

My first change that I want to make is to add an attic exhaust fan to help pull that hot air out during the day so i ordered an AC infinity smart fan and some hose and a duct to help push that air out. I have already taken pictures using my FLIR camera of the ceiling in the house during the late morning to show the heat levels as well as showing how much heat soak I get on the counter in my kitchen from the radiant heat from the ceiling. I did a lot of similar things to my house that I owned in Williamsburg, Va and saw major improvements and I hope to see the same improvements here.

Here are some pictures of the ceiling and counter as well as the items that I got and will have the owners brother install soon.