Using Sense for standby generator sizing

I’ve seen a few threads where people have wanted to use their Sense to try and estimate the sizing for a whole house generator they would need to cover their energy requirements in an outage.

I haven’t really seen any feedback as to whether this has been successful or not. Has anyone run into issues where their Sense has not correctly predicted energy needs and their generator has been undersized?

In my house, I have a 400A service (2x200A panels) that is monitored by 2 Sense devices since the beginning of July. The maximum combined usage I have ever seen is about 16kw (combination of 120 and 240V devices). I’m in Virginia so the AC loads can be heavy at times.

I would like to get a generator that can support my whole house and not just a few critical loads. There are a few circuits that I could turn off in an outage that would be problematic to a generator like 15kw electric backup heat strips for the HVAC and electric floor heat in the master bath.

In my case I feel like a 20-25kw generator should be close to what I need but the maximum supported amperage would be near the limit. FYI I have soft start modules on my HVAC units that significantly reduce the inrush amps that are needed for startup.

Thanks for any input.

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