Using Sense to scale your backup power needs?

I’ve been toying with the idea of implementing some battery backup and generator at my home for periods of grid interruption. One thing I’d like to NOT have to do is peel off the wiring for “critical loads” into a discrete panel and feed it separately (for various reasons). I’d like to use the data from Sense to help size (at least ballpark) what kind of generator or other backup power system I’d need. I’m sure I could dig into the theory of sizing and storage and measure all the loads discretely, but am hoping someone here has come up with a clever way to do it already.

Any rules of thumb for correlating what’s available in the App with Generator sizing?


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I bought ours for the same reason and am still learning how to interpret things. Sadly the app does not track (or just doesn’t display) average peak wattage for inrush current so you have to do some manual work.

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