Voltage Difference

I’m trying to figure out why i have a larger voltage difference per leg when im barely using anything, its not due to the higher load on one leg, and it only happens during the day when solar is generating, this is a newer issue, loose connector or ?

Any thoughts/input? Thanks

Hey @danderson - have you taken a look at Sense Labs: Power Quality recently? If there are any major events registered there, that could provide additional insight into what’s happening here.

i have poor power quality here, meaning alot of under and overs due to lightning and such… and it shows that, but it doesnt say anything about the voltage variance when generating solar power only as I am seeing, when im not generating solar I see the regular over/under from lightning, and when not my voltage numbers are within 0.1 volt on both phases

Just to confirm, are you referring to your “Mains” wattage or “Voltage” difference between the two phases ranging from 0.1 - 0.5V?
If you’re referring to “Voltage”, then this small of a variance is pretty normal to see fluctuations between throughout the day and isn’t necessarily an indication that you have an issue.

Voltage, I know that it flux’s based on motor starts and other draw, but i see the larger variance only when generating solar power and thats what im finding strange. Maybe cause there’s more draw during the day then at night. But the 0.3 to 0.5 volt difference on phases disappears at night, even with a similar draw on watts per phase.

0.3 to 0.5v difference between legs is completely expected, especially if you have other neighbors sharing the same distribution transformer.


ok, so maybe neighbors…