Water Heater at 300%?


Sense found my water heater. This is a whole house electric instant hot. Runs at 3000w while water is flowing. Device confirmed w alerts. PROBLEM? The historical reporting is showing the use at over 300% of the total? More power used than available. The device detail suggests that its running for hours and hours - which it’s not. How can a device use more than 100% of the consumed load. Stumped ?


what’s the make/model of the water heater? usually they have 2 stages, sometimes more… and 3kW sounds low for electric…


When was it discovered? It seems often that the initial stats that appear right after discovery can be pretty off. They usually correct themselves after a week or so of proper activity. But can’t hurt to send a note to support to get them to look at it.


Thanks. I will. (It found it only today).


Titan N120. Yes. The 3000 was w the kitchen sink on, higher when shower is on. The real question was how/why it would report more than 100%. I will reach out to support.


ok, a quick google search for the specs:

that water heater can max out at 11.8kW… so your observation is about right… at max load, 54amps @ 240v on a 60amp breaker… that’s about right… you are seeing one of the lower stages and it can go much higher…


As @ben mentioned, stats can be funky right after detection. I would wait until tomorrow and see what it says


Actually… it also found it months ago, and had the same wacky stats. After a month I deleted it, because it was throwing off all the percents. … and now it’s back. But let’s see what tomorrow brings.


I agree with how it can be over 100%, how is that possible?
I had this happen one time but don’t remember which device it was and have not seen it happen since.


This can happen immediately after detection occasionally. It’s a bug, but very difficult for us to reproduce. I’d highly encourage you to reach out to Support so we can look at your data.



Thanks Ryan. Already posted to support, and they are studying the issue.