Water pressure tank motor

We have our own water well here which requires this water pressure tank/motor to go on a LOT to keep the household water pressure up. Seems like its a huge draw now that sense has finally discovered it. Anyone have any ideas how to reduce the energy use of that? or a more efficient way to pressurize the house water?

I have seen on “TOH”, This old House, that the bladders in the pressure tanks fail.
This causes the pump to be used more often than it should.
Have to had it checked?

Country people in Aus pump the water to a tank on a tower and use gravity to feed it to the house. (They do something similar in APT buildings in NYC and other big cities). It is not pretty and takes a lot to setup.

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Is your pump running even when water is not being used? If so, your system likely has a leak that should be addressed.

If the pump is cycling on and off quickly, then the pressure tank is suspect and likely has a ruptured bladder, as Jon pointed out.

If the system is leak-free and the pressure tank is good, your energy use will depend on the volume of water pumped and your well depth. There’s no magic bullet to reduce energy use unless you can change either of those. Certain pump designs are more efficient than others, but if you’re using a modern submersible pump, you likely don’t have room for improvement that will outweigh the cost of pump replacement.


We are on a well… Which is what I think you are talking about. It has a tank… I’m going to say 8-10 gallon or so. In side the tank is a bladder. This is like a large tire tube that has a valve stem on the top just like the valve stem on your car tire. There usually a tag on the valve that tells you something like maintain 20 pounds. Or something like low side of the pressure switch. Now back to the pump… There is and I have one… What they call a ‘soft start’ well pump. This will start up real slow… low current draw and flow… And ramp up to fully rated gallons per minute of the pump until the pressure switch say it has reach the high pressure of the system and shuts it off. A side note… The reason for the bladder in the water tank is the fluids cannot be compressed and you are compressing the air on the other side of the bladder to create the water pressure… Low (on) pressure is usually around 25 psi and high (off) pressure is around 40 psi…, Hope this helps…

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